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In 1847, a group of fifty-two French Basques, including women and children, sets-out from Independence, Missouri to California. These settlers left Europe behind to escape the famine, unrest and aftermaths of the Napoleonic Wars. They bring with them their few belongings, customs and a few grapevines they hope to plant into the fertile Californian soil. They learn English on-the-fly from the younger men who speak it a little. In Independence, they purchase wagons, mules and provisions. They also hire a local trail master for a fee. The trail master, Lon Bennett, is skilled but he likes women and booze too much. When Lon Bennett learns that his Basques only have seven wagons he argues they should join a major wagon train of 20-30 wagons. Strength in numbers, no doubt, but large wagon trains could take weeks to assemble and the Basques cannot wait. Bennett tries to bail-out of his commitment but he already had spent the fee the Basques paid him by partying in the local hotel-saloon with women and friends. Having no choice, Bennett assembles the small wagon train. He is amazed at the Basques' particular customs, traditions, superstitions and morality. He tries to change some of their traditional habits arguing that in the Wild West safety is more important than customs and traditions. But the Basques are a proud and stubborn people and refuse to change their ways. As the wagon train heads West, Bennett becomes obsessed with Gabrielle Dauphin, the beautiful wife of the Basque leader. He repeatedly forces his attentions on her but she rejects him every time. Due to an unfortunate accident Gabrielle's husband is killed and many Basques want to return to Independence. Gabrielle Dauphin convinces them to continue toward California. The brother of her deceased husband becomes her protector and presumptive future husband, according to their customs. When the wagon train hits a desert, the scout advises the group to ration water and abandon their furniture and other useless belongings. Horses start to die of heat and thirst. A known water well in their path is dry. The scout advises to continue through the desert but Gabrielle wants to head toward the mountains, where water surely flows. Bennett is against this plan since the mountains are inhabited by Indians. However, the Basques decide to listen to Gabrielle and they all agree to head toward the mountains but not before Bennett and Gabrielle's new fiance, Pepe, have a fistfight among the sand dunes. The two men fight over Gabrielle. Bennett wins the fight but the Basques disarm him to make sure he's under control. In the mountains, they finally find water but they are spotted by Indians. Bennett is convinced the Indians will attack their wagon train during an ambush. Therefore, Bennett and the Basques come up with a daring plan. While the wagon train, loaded with the women, children and the elderly, continues its journey through the mountain pass, the men will execute a surprise attack against the unsuspecting Indians. They hope to distract the Indians' attention from the passing wagons. The Basques are fierce mountain fighters but the Indians outnumber them. Nevertheless, these settlers must fight for their dreams of California.
1850 adventure story of the Basque immigrants on their way to California, their struggle with the Indians, and the development of a complicated love triangle.
….or how History repeats itself.At the end of the 8th century,the Basques beat Charlemagne in Roncevaux in the Pyrénées mountains !When Bergerac evokes his ancestors&#39; feat,he was historically accurate;later the chanson de geste &quot;la chanson de Roland &quot; (which enhanced Charlemagne&#39;s so-called nephew count Roland) forgot the Basques and turned them into Sarrazins. ….so the end of the movie is a second &quot;Roncevaux&quot; ,the Indians replacing good old Carolus Magnus and his fair knights.For the rest of the movie,as I do not know anything about the basques traditions,I will not argue with the precedent users who complain about the lack of knowledge of basque culture of the writers.The director used a lot of French actors -Heyward and Chandler are like Martians in such a company- ,all virtually unknown in their native country,even the lead Bergerac.This is a rather short film,mainly if we consider that the beginning consists of singing and dancing (Heyward &#39;s flamenco,more Spanish than Basque,being one of the highlights of a fairly tepid story).<br/><br/>Sometimes the Basques speak French,most of the time English,even between them,which makes the story unconvincing.Susan Heyward,as gorgeous as ever,contents herself with a few words .
Susan Hayward was a great star and always a great treat to watch the dynamic redhead from Brooklyn in any film. This film co stars Susan Hayward and her friend of many years Jeff Chandler. Together Hayward and Chandler make a great team and a very enjoyable film to watch. Susan Hayward was always a tough lady never afraid of anything and in fact was insistent that her dialogue not portray weakness. To see a Hayward movie like this is to be aware of the back story of any Hayward film: Susan Hayward carefully controlled her successful image. I believe this film was shot right after her classic I Want To Live and was given a quick release, and faded from view, and is not highly regarded as a Susan Hayward film. I disagree, any film with the Tough Lady from Brooklyn is good to watch. And Susan Hayward by all regards not at all sentimental in real life was both fond of Chandler and mourned Jeff Chandler. Postscript: Susan Hayward like many top female stars preferred certain cameramen, and in this film Ms. Hayward&#39;s favorite Stanley Cortez is cinematographer.<br/><br/>As we all know Susan Hayward died far too young of brain cancer during her dying days, Katharine Hepburn paid a visit to the dying star. The Great Garbo also paid a visit to the dying Hayward such as the respect Ms. Hayward was regarded by her peers. Barbara Stanwyck also a friend sent flowers. Roz Russell appeared on a radio show the day after Ms. Hawyard died and mourned her friend Ms. Hayward.

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