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Michael Long is a policeman, while investigating someone, he was shot and left for dead. But a millionaire, Wilton Knight finds him and saves him and gives him a new face. It seems that Knight wants to wage a war against criminals who operate above the law. And Michael is the man he has chosen to wage that war. He has created the ultimate car, the Knight Industries Two Thousand or KITT, which is laced with a virtually indestructible alloy, and is also capable of moving on its own and also talks. He gives the car to Michael, and gives him the new identity of Michael Knight. Michael is assisted by one of Knight's associates, Devon Miles. Bonnie is the mechanic who takes care of KITT. During the second season Bonnie was replaced by April, as the new mechanic. The folowing season she left and Bonnie returned. The next season they acquired a new member, Reginald Cornelius III or RC3.
A lone crimefighter battles the forces of evil with the help of a virtually indestructible and artificially intelligent supercar.
From "Universal" studios, "Knight Rider" was amongst the last American t.v show of its kind. To emphasise this, "Knight Rider" came at a time in the 1980s when American television was changing and in a big way. Shows like "Miami Vice" and to a certain extent "The Equalizer" represented a more violent and gritty kind of entertainment. The above series contains violence that was still of a more "comic strip" variety, there were no swear words and sexual content was minimal. That is all very well and at least "Knight Rider" can be enjoyed by younger viewers in particular. However, the tone of the show meant that it resembled ones from the 1970s where the same kind of content still applied. I like "Knight Rider" for the shows gimmick of a highly advanced car (naturally), for the music, the stories and for the nostalgia. The feature length pilot episode really sets up the shows premise effectively. In a previous life, a police officer called Michael Long is shot during an undercover operation. The bullet is deflected by a metal plate which is inserted into his skull. Now disfigured, he comes into contact with a multi millionaire named Knight who is the inventor of a highly advanced car called "K.I.T.T." Knight is dying and hasn't much time. He lives long enough to see the result of Michael Long having had plastic surgery (now David Hasslehoff). The car is complete and ready. Knight succumbs to his illness in quite a touching scene and leaves the car to Michael Long, now re-named Michael Knight. He seeks those who shot him and exacts revenge in a thrilling 90 minute episode. Everything clicked into place and the shows success was assured. In all honesty, the best episodes are from seasons 1 and 3. Edward Mulhare gives excellent support as Michael Knight's boss, Devon Miles. David Hasslehoff fits the bill in the lead but in some ways, the K.I.T.T car is the star of the show. It is given much personality, courtesy of William Daniels. The car and Knight strike up a lasting friendship and the car's built-in voice circuits, give the impression of a real conversation taking place. Speaking of "K.I.T.T," the car is equipped with all sorts of gadgets and weapons. It is truly one of a kind. The critics weren't all that complimentary to "Knight Rider" but who cares? The public couldn't get enough and the show lasted 4 seasons and nearly 100 episodes. It is a well made show and part of my childhood was spent enjoying the latest crime-fighting by Michael Knight and his unique car.
Honestly as a kid this show was so cool. As an adult, I still watch it and can like it. However this show definitely could have been better. The idea and concept were fine. The issue fell on other things. Some of them were even pretty funny. <br/><br/>As many have mentioned the stunts and stunt doubles were so obvious. In fact, one of the episodes it looks as if the stunt double is Eric Bogosian. This amazes me how obvious it as, and it wasn&#39;t just a few episodes. <br/><br/>Plots were up and down. Certain shows made sense throughout, others were inconsistent, while the rest were questionable at best. <br/><br/>Acting could have been better, but is nowhere near as bad as others made it out to be. After all, was this supposed to be Broadway or something?<br/><br/>Last but not least, Action, Fight Scenes, etc. This is where the biggest joke comes from IMO. I really wonder about David Hasselhoff. Does he even know how to fight? Watch Knight Rider to see what I&#39;m talking about. Man, I have never seen fight scenes like these. <br/><br/>Michael Knight was supposed to be one who knew how to fight, as in Martial Arts. In fact, there&#39;s a scene in the first episode (technically, even if it was in Part 2 as it was a 2 parter) where several truck drivers were going to beat up Michael and he let&#39;s them know that he is very heavily trained in Martial Arts. The problem here is David Hasselhoff doesn&#39;t know jack. The karate he uses is beyond a joke. Pretty much a silly kid goofing off trying to make fun of fighting is a good way to describe it. He uses it so much, but it simply looks ridiculous. There was an episode where he fought two Asian men. Two men who knew Kung Fu. Really? He actually was doing well too. Yeah OK, fake karate kicks and completely horrific made up form and stances he used. There was even an episode where he kicked someone and lost his balance. WTF?? We&#39;d appreciate an honest fight scene. As long as the action was present that&#39;s the main thing. The phony karate was simply terrible. Whenever there are fight scenes I simply get ready to start laughing at the silliness, especially anyone with &quot;Sensei&quot; Michael Knight. I simply was waiting for a time for Hasselhoff to yell Kiai during one of his Hasselhoff-Fu kicks. The fight between Michael and Garth was funny too. Those fake, weak kicks from Garth. That scissors kick too was something else. It looked like the can can commercial. Another issue were fights that were over as soon as they started. The bad guy is supposed to be some bad ass, yet here comes Hasselhoff taking him out with one kick or punch. Really??!! <br/><br/>All in all, it wasn&#39;t a bad show, it wasn&#39;t a great show. It was a pretty good show at the time and still is decent today, even if you can see more silly stuff. As I mentioned earlier I still watch it. It really isn&#39;t awful as many people make it out to be.

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