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A tiger is loose on a small town and only a young boy, a sheriff and the hunter to destroy the beast.
This movie has everything from sweet tiger sounds to old timey mustaches. Plus you get to learn a lot about tiger facts! Fact #1…tigers eat skulls, and hate arm and leg meat. Fact #2 Tigers love little boys (the true pedophile of the jungle). Fact #3 Tigers hate seeing their leftovers in the woods, so they throw them in trees! Fact #4, sometimes they fly and are not fans of pb &amp; j. <br/><br/>Aside from the zoology lesson, this move is pretty awesome to watch. My favorite part is any scene including the expert tiger hunter, as his mustache steals the scene! I also enjoyed his safari wardrobe and great one-liners. Gary Busey puts on a performance for the ages. <br/><br/>This movie gets a 10 out of 10 for me, though I highly recommend watching it with a few beers and a can-do attitude.
Nothing to say about this film actually… It is boring, slow, predictable and so on and so on with negativity. The story is very lame, a tiger escapes his cage, due to road accident and he &quot;befriended&quot; with a little loser kid with imaginary friends… whose mother is a religious fanatic, I don&#39;t find this interesting. The killings in the film… well… well done! As expected, because filmmakers wanted to show that only. But fat sheriff&#39;s (Gary Busey) question &quot;How come that tiger take out two heavily armed men?&quot; Really! How?!?! How the f*ck he did that!??!?! The only thing I like about this film is Gary Busey, I really like that guy… even here, as a slow, monotone, gruff voiced sheriff, who looks like he don&#39;t give a flying f**k about his little town. And of course, I love tigers and that&#39;s because I gave it 4 out of 10. However… don&#39;t watch it, or better watch it… just to put you out of your insomnia.

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